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N2Pix Presents: Underwater Videography Workshop at Siladen Resort and Spa

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Want to learn or better your video skills? Join our dedicated underwater videography workshop at Siladen Resort & Spa from 19th to 26th November 2022, featuring N2Pix’s award winning, underwater imaging pros Julie Ouimet & Michel Labrecque.

Siladen with n2Pix

The weeklong event is open to all levels of videographers and divers and is designed for participants to learn and better underwater video shooting techniques, as well as correcting and editing video footage.

Siladen with n2Pix

Divers hoping to sharpen their video skills with any camera system, basic or more sophisticated, will benefit from this workshop. It’s also the perfect opportunity for photographers who like to dabble in video to hone their skills and adapt their techniques.

Michel and Julie are explorers and image makers who have travelled to some of the most remote areas of our planet. They are accomplished technical and recreational divers as well as seasoned dive training professionals.

Since 2014, they have devoted themselves to underwater imagery and exploration. They are the authors of a coffee-table book, write articles and are columnists with En Profondeur dive magazine. They produce short videos and documentaries that have aired on various TV networks including Discovery during Shark Week. Michel and Julie have developed skills for shooting in remote locations and harsh conditions. The team has filmed and produced over 30 short films screened and honored in film festivals throughout Europe and North-America.

They are both Fellows of the Explorers Club and Associate Members of the Boston Sea Rovers. They have twice been bestowed the honor of carrying the Explorers flag to Clipperton atoll and the findings of their 2 scientific missions to the atoll contributed to the creation of a marine protected area. In 2018 they received the Explorers Club Citation of Merit in recognition of their “exemplary accomplishments in Field Science and Conservation”. In 2016, Michel was named a PADI Ambassador and in 2019, Julie was inducted into the Women Divers Hall of Fame.

Siladen’s surrounding waters are an ideal location for video imagery. They offer varied environments, each with their specific challenges. The Bunaken National Marine Park is a wide-angle heaven with its spectacular walls and diverse marine life which includes countless turtles.

Nearby shallow areas allow for macro and muck opportunities, not to mention a host of night denizens that include weird and sought after creatures. The dark is also a wonderful time to capture hunting behaviors.

The area’s warm and clear waters optimize learning, not to mention fun and action packed diving.

Siladen Resort & Spa’s dive staff is highly knowledgeable and skilled at finding your desired subject. The Dive Centre offers top-notch gear and its camera room is spacious and well-equipped for all your needs.

Your week at Siladen will be made even more special by its attentive staff, superior accommodations and incredible food.

For more details and quotes please contact ana@siladen.com, extensions of the trip either end are also available.

Learn more at: https://www.siladen.com/underwater-videography-workshop-with-julie-ouimet-and-michel-labrecque-of-n2pix/


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