Thunder Cove, Prince Edward Island 250+ Million Year Old Tea Pot Rock

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Teacup Rock at Thunder Cove Beach is one of the most photographed rock formations on Prince Island and has been there for decades. Teacup Rock is best seen early in the morning, when the water is calm and the sun is low in the sky. Teacup Rock is a sandstone formation that is extremely fragile.

Thunder Cove is 66 kilometres from Charlottetown via the PE-2W. Take the PE-20 exit toward Darnley from Kensington. Turn left on Lower Darnley Road, then right on Thunder Cove Road. It’s best to park along the beach’s 90-degree turn. Remember that because Thunder Cove is not a Provincial or National beach, there are no restrooms.

Tea Pot Rock
Photo Credit: Carrie Gregory ©Tourism PEI

Well off the beaten path, but a must for PEI visitors to visit.

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