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Nostalgia Diving Book: The Silent World – A Story of Undersea Discovery and Adventure, 1953

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Many books on scuba diving have been published over the course of time, almost since the beginning of the scuba era. The Scuba News Canada will post these “nostalgia” books considered a “blast from the past” on a regular basis, and we want you, our readers, to make suggestions of “older nostalgia diving books” you have enjoyed, or believe our readers will. We will publish it and add your social media/website link to the article if you send us the proposal. Contact us.

In 1943, the young French naval officers J.Y. Cousteau, Philippe Tailliez, and the great civilian diver Frédéric Dumas plunged into the Mediterranean with the first aqualung, which Cousteau co-invented.

Cousteau and Dumas describe what it’s like to be a “menfish” swimming in the deep twilight zone with sharks, mantas, moray eels, whales, and octopi in this fascinating report. They tell of discovering sunken ships and bringing up treasures. They talk about their adventures in an inland water cave that nearly killed them, as well as their crazy human-guinea-pig experiment with underwater explosions. Cousteau writes brilliantly about his daring 50-fathom dive into the zone of rapture, where divers become drunken gods, and the 396-foot dive that claimed the life of a brave companion.

Cousteau, Dumas, and their brave teams of divers used their new exploration techniques to make significant discoveries in almost every branch of science. They share with us the greatest undersea experience men have ever had in The Silent World.

The book includes 48 pages of black-and-white photographs by various photographers, as well as 16 pages of colour photographs provided by National Geographic Magazine. The Ektachrome hand-held work “is the first ever made in significant depths, using artificial light and scientific colour correction.”

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