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The Actual Size Scuba O-Ring Identification Working Mat from Scubagaskets Has Been Updated

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One of the major problems that scuba diving technicians frequently come against is the identification O-ring sizes, used in scuba gear. The precise identification of those O-rings will determine if the service operation will be successful or not. This task becomes a complicated process since so many different O-rings are used for the same application from different brands. As for example for the inner hose bull clip O-ring the 7.00 x 1.50 or the 610 (6.75 x 1.78) or the 7.50 x 1.50 or 011 (7.65 x 1.78) have been found that was used by the manufacturers. Even though Scubagaskets have in stock all the above o-rings, it was impossible for our customers to choose the correct size that they need for their case. 

In order to solve this problem Scubagaskets created an actual size chart, for the most commonly used O-rings in scuba diving gear. The size identification of each O-ring was found to be more difficult than what was originally thought. In order to overcome this problem all O-rings, that had to be identified, passed from high tech camera specially developed for this purpose, and afterwards a second cross check identification process was performed against the actual O-ring of each brand. Since each brand use some common size O-rings and some not so common size O-rings the workload for this identification was huge.

Sea to Sky

Nevertheless, at the end of this process our efforts generated a 115 actual size scuba O-ring chart, covering the majority of the scuba O-rings used in the industry today. 

Scubagaskets O-RIng Mat

Originally printing on cardboard was found to be the most reliable printing method, in respect of representing accurately the O-ring size. The first printouts was done on laminated paper with a transparent plastic mat in order to be used as a working mat. 

Eventually we found a printing agent overseas that could accurately print on neoprene mat.

In combination with our huge scuba O-ring product range, this identification chart can help you identify and order nearly any O-ring used in scuba gear at the moment.

The identification process is very simple, you just place the unknown size O-ring over the mat and match it with the identical white circle that is printed on the mat! Under on in the center of the white ring you will find the O-ring size. 

We was so happy to see our O-ring identification mat flying to all 5 continents helping so many scuba service technicians to their everyday tasks.

If you need one please follow the link: https://scubagaskets.com/


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