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Chris Foisey, Canada’s Latest PADI Ambassadiver

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Chris Foisey

Chris Foisey works as a Scuba Instructor for Dan’s Dive Shop in St Catherine’s, Ontario, Canada. Chris is a Cave Diver and Technical Decompression Diver with over ten years of experience educating divers as well as maintaining and selling scuba equipment. His adventures have taken him all over the world, including deep cold-water lakes in Canada to see 200-year-old shipwrecks, warm tropical waters in Egypt, and descending into the dark depths of underwater caves in Florida. Chris’s travels have also taken him to Mexico, Micronesia, the Dominican Republic, Cuba, The Bahamas, and various locations throughout the United States of America.

During the pandemic, he created “Modern Diver” on TikTok which showcases dive informative videos on his love of diving, highlight new tips and equipment. Modern Diver became an instant hit with a following of over 170,000 follows. The Scuba News Canada is pleased to present these videos.

Sea to Sky

Chris was invited to apply to become a PADI Ambassadiver in December 2021 and was told he was accepted. He travelled west to Ocean Quest Dive Center in Burnaby, British Columbia, to begin his PADI Tec instructor training.

Chris is the only PADI Ambassadiver living and working in Canada right now. According to him, there are a couple of other Canadian Ambassadivers, but they live and work in tropical locations.

Chris will be a featured speaker at this years Niagara Divers Shipwrecks streaming event coming in April 2022.

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