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Unboxing The LEFEET S1 Pro By The Scuba Diving Nomad 

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LEFEET has a new version of their LEFEET S1, named the LEFEET S1 PRO. I had done some beta testing and a review on the S1 when it was first introduced, and they asked me to do a review on the LEFEET S1 PRO. While their website still shows the item as pre-order, I received mine already.

There is no local diving where I live at this time of the year, and my next dive vacation is still a few months away, so the review will have to wait. Still, the box kept calling for me, so I had to open it. I decided to make an unboxing video. I also assembled it.

My first impression was I looking forward to using it. The box itself was impressive and the way the parts was packed was good. I will hold on to the box for off season storage. The main unit is packed in a layer above the rest of the DPV. The overall look of the LEFEET S1 Pro is similar to the S1. It is slightly smaller. The Specs state that it has a longer battery life and more power. Improvements are always great, however, I seldom used my S1 in the high setting and the power and battery life was not an issue for me personally. 

There is one item that did jump out at me as an improvement. The remote control hand grip now has speed control. On the S1, the speed control was just on the main unit. I found that a little awkward to use, especially if I was wearing gloves. This model has a control switch built-in to the remote. A simple movement of the thumb will switch the speed settings. The speed control is also still on the main unit.


Other review items will have to wait until I get a change to use it a few times.

Whenever I went diving and used my S1, I always attracted attention. It is a very powerful DPV despite its smaller size. The depth rating of both the S1 and the S1 PRO is 130 feet (ca. 40 meters) which is deeper than most DPV in the same price range. While I never had a reason to need it, a backup battery can be swapped out in a matter of seconds.

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