Introducing Geneinno S2 – The Most Portable Sea Scooter Monitored by Smart App

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Geneinno is a technology company dedicated to designing highly modern underwater equipment, including the underwater drones and sea scooters. Recently, Geneinno launched the newest sea scooter. 

Geneinno S2

Geneinno S2 the lighter-duty, less-expensive S2 underwater scooter. It’s the second generation of Geneinno scooters, a portable sea scooter which promises to propel you through the waves at speed of up to 2.7 miles per hour, to depths of 30 meters and at US$399.

The device is impressively compact — about the size of a 15-inch MacBook laptop, that means it’s easy to pop in a backpack to take on your travels since the S2’s 97Wh battery is below the 100Wh allowable limit, the scooter can be taken aboard airliners as luggage and it weighs merely 5.9lbs.

Utilising two electrically-powered propellers that deliver a total of 10 kg (22lbs) of thrust, with a choice of two speeds depending on how fast you want to travel. One 1.5-hour charge of its lithium battery pack should be good for a one hour of water adventure.

Geneinno S2

Geneinno S2 comes with an accompanying mobile app which makes you monitor the device’s speed, depth, distance, onboard light, and battery. Yet there is special parental mode that allows the parent control the scooter using the app, while the child is learning swimming in the pool. 

Geneinno S2

In addition, there’s a new underwater camera mount, allowing users to attach a professional underwater camera (not a GoPro, there is the mount for GoPro already) beneath the scooter.

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