Introducing the Geneinno S1 Pro Sea Scooter – Level Up Your Water Sports

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Geneinno is a technology company dedicated to designing highly modern underwater equipment, including underwater drones and sea scooters. Recently, Geneinno upgraded their Trident Sea scooter to the new version, the Geneinno S1 Pro.

Geneinno S1 Pro Sea Scooter

After countless R &D, Geneinno iterated the newly upgraded flagship sea scooter, the Geneinno S1 Pro, the powerful sea scooter that propels you through the waves at the max speed of 4mph, to the depths of 164ft and at US$689.

Geneinno S1 Pro utilizes the Omni-sealed inner rotor; it is tough to bear higher water pressure and exhibits excellent corrosion resistance. Besides, the bearing is sealed with exclusive oil, and you do not need to maintain the motor. Geneinno S1 Pro is durable to run over 1000 hours lifetime.

Geneinno S1 Pro Sea Scooter

With powerful dual propellers, combined with a battery optimization algorithm, and propulsive force up to 26 lbs at speeds of 4mph, Geneinno S1 Pro lets you experience the water like never before. Cruise the wave at a lower rate of 2.2mph for underwater filming work; Geneinno S1 Pro is durable to dive up to 164ft.

Powered by a replaceable 6300mAh Li-polymer battery combined with a battery optimization algorithm, Geneinno S1 Pro offers you a 60-minute incredible underwater adventure, and you can replace the battery in 10 seconds. Besides, Geneinno S1 Pro underwater scooter comes with a detachable floater, which helps maintain positive buoyancy for extra safety.

Geneinno S1 Pro Sea Scooter

Geneinno S1 Pro weighs just 3.7kg and has a similar footprint to a 16-inch MacBook Pro, meaning Geneinno S1 Pro can easily fit into a suitcase comfortably by hand. Accompany where you go on the ground or explore the majestic marine life underwater.

In addition, Geneinno S1 Pro supports various extensions, capturing stunning footage underwater with GoPro. Or attach a light instead and illuminate the gloomy depths and uncharted underwater caves.

Geneinno S1 Pro Sea Scooter

Gear’s Joy is the distributor of Geneinno, launched by Mary and Will, who are the former staff of Geneinno. They are devoted to digging up the most excellent gear that changes our lifestyle, empowering our fans to make wise investments in themselves and enjoy the entire joyful gadgets.

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