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GEARTALKS TUESDAYS: the Best Gear for the Best Divers

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GEARTALKS with Joseph Bosquez is Divesoft’s newest diving gear-related Livestream, coming to you every Tuesday at 1 pm EDT. Follow this LINK to visit the stream’s Facebook page and stay up to date on the latest and greatest tools and equipment of the diving world. Also, make sure to get your questions ready beforehand and leave them in the comments for Joe!

Geartalks with Divesoft

In an effort to protect yourself and your loved ones, staying inside has never been more important. This is why Divesoft has organized a new weekly Livestream completely focused on diving gear which you can listen to from the comforts of your own home. Topics range from mixed gas analysers and dive computers to rebreathers and much more. It’s the perfect content for anyone looking to dive into the specifics of diving equipment. 

GEARTALKS is also an interactive livestream with questions highly encouraged. Want to learn more about backmount lung configurations or hear about reels and spools? GEARTALKS and Joe will have you covered! You can leave your comments on the stream’s Facebook page in advance or wait until Tuesday to ask them live. Tuning in is a great way to stay in touch with the diving community and score the answers to your burning questions!  

Mark your calendars for the upcoming streams:

  • Emergency Equipment and Tools (Signal mirror, Fluorescein), Silencers, Plugs and Quick-Release Buckles – May 19th
  • Dive Computers – May 26th
  • Liberty Backmount Lung Configurations (BMCL and FMCL) – June 2nd
  • Liberty Sidemount – June 9th
  • Divesoft BOV + DSV + MAVs – June 16th
Geartalks with Divesoft

Hope to see you May 19th at 1 pm EDT for the episode featuring an open discussion on Emergency Equipment and Tools. And be sure to bookmark this LINK to stay informed and up to date for all future episodes. We’re looking forward to you joining in on the exciting conversations about diving gear and equipment every Tuesday on GEARTALKS with Joe Bosquez!


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