The Aquanaut by Jill Heinerth

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The Aquanaut is the second book published by Jill Heinerth in a contract with Penguin Random House, which will include in total, four publications from her. “Into The Planet”, Jill’s first of these books in 2019, was a bestseller.

The Aquanaut, written by an award-winning aquanaut Jill Heinerth, and illustrated by Jamie Kim, this exciting picture book encourages children to explore their imagination, develop their self-esteem, and imagine what they will do and become when they grow up. Historically, scuba diving has been a male dominated environment, but with this book, Jill has changed that mindset. The Aquanaut will be an autobiographical photobook based on the exceptional diving experiences of Heinerth. In a time when we need to empower young people, Jill is an exceptional person and role model for children, particularly girls.

Alternating between the childhood of Heinerth spent dreaming of exploring new worlds and her work today as a professional underwater photographer and aquanaut, the book aims at inspiring readers to have the courage to dream big and discover the wonders around them.

Publication is scheduled for spring 2021.



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