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Dr Bruce Weinke, developer of The RGBM has passed away

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Dr. Bruce Wienke was a widely regarded and respected dive industry figure, especially by the Suunto family. He died on Saturday, February 15, 2020, survived by his wife, Annie.

Dr Bruck Wieke developed The RGBM (Reduced Gradient Bubble Model) which is an algorithm for calculating the decompression stops needed for a specific dive profile. It is related to the Varying Permeability Model but is conceptually different in that it rejects the gel-bubble model’s varying permeability model. It is used in various dive computers, especially those made by Suunto, Aqwary, Mares, HydroSpace Engineering, and Underwater Technologies Center.

Dr. Wienke was program manager at the Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) Nuclear Weapons Technology Simulation and Computing Office, before joining the Suunto organization, where he did his research until his death 15 February 2020.

In addition to his highly accomplished work life, he served actively within the dive industry as a decompression algorithm consultant and worked on high-performance computing and diving communications applications with Divers Alert Network, DAN.

A keen diver and downhill skier, his achievements and the great success he had seen in his accolades reflected Dr. Wienke’s interest in diving. A NAUI Coach Trainer and Certified Instructor, a PADI Master Instructor, a YMCA Institute Director and a SDI / TDI Instructor / Technical Instructor were among his impressive resumes.

Dr Wienke’s legacy lies at the heart of many dive computers that divers are using today as he keeps divers safer in the water.


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