Introducing WSDS World Safety Diving Standards

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The International Organization WSDS is committed to the promotion of internationally active diving associations and in particular to the recognition of diving on a public level. A priority goal is the promotion of contemporary, comparable international safety standards of all participating associations, both for diving instructors and for diving students. 

This aspect is particularly important on the international job market in the diving industry – both on the part of employers and employees as well as on the part of the public sector – in order to ensure transparency and equivalence with regard to completed training and uncomplicated cross-over opportunities and recognition. An uncomplicated equivalence list of all participating associations brings diving instructors and diving centres together quickly and easily worldwide. 

In order to ensure the comparability of association-neutral, internationally valid standards, the EN-ISO standards were used as a basis. 

A special concern of the WSDS is to provide diving tourism destinations, in particular the responsible ministries, with standards – especially in the area of diving safety and environmental and species protection in the commercial diving industry.

The WSDS is supported by a competent specialist publisher for specialist publications – also on behalf of destinations and / or member associations. 
Furthermore, the WSDS is always in close contact with equipment manufacturers in order to share first-hand knowledge and expertise with manufacturers and to actively participate in further development.
In addition to safety, environmental and species protection, best support of the participating associations as well as their diving instructors and of course the educational mission and the adherence to the code of honour of the WSDS members are taken particularly seriously.

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