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Win a rEvo Rebreather!

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Raffle to Benefit Both The Rebreather Exploration and Research Organization & kurmalliance!

Win a rEvo Rebreather! Hurry up and enter the raffle benefiting the efforts of two great non-for-profit organizations, TRERO and kurmalliance!

Sea to Sky

TRERO and kurmalliance formed an alliance to improve the marine ecosystems for sea turtles, and all their cohabitants. Kurmalliance also implores us to refuse single-use plastic containers polluting our beautiful oceans, while threatening all marine life.

TRERO has pledged to support the continuation of the groundbreaking film Sharkwater. TRERO is assisting with funding while improving awareness of the effects of the shark finning industry. Sharkwater II – Extinction, is slated for release in 2017.

Rob Stewart and Brock Cahill will be utilizing the advantages of rEvo rebreathers to enhance their interaction with sharks and improve the logistical constraints they encounter while filming the movie.

We are certain that this movie will be a crucial step to educate the public about the truth regarding the senseless slaughter of sharks, and to sway governmental policy change toward enforcement of protections for the apex predators in the ocean.

  • Donations may be tax deductible! *
  • Suggested Donation: $10 per ticket.  Five tickets for $45.  Ten Tickets for $85
  • Number of Tickets: 2,500

  • Date of Drawing:  November 18th, 2016 at DEMA 

  • Winner will be notified by email.

 Note:  This is a suggested donation only. 

Proceeds benefit The Rebreather Exploration and Research Organization & kurmalliance

Mission Statement

The Rebreather Exploration and Research Organization utilizes the capabilities of rebreather technology to explore extreme underwater diving environments.  Combing the latest scientific research vetted by our Science Council with the experience of our diving team, TRERO is able to push the conventional limits of diving.  TRERO’s findings are shared to educate divers and the general public.

For more information:  Ken Wesler, Executive Director, The Rebreather Exploration and Research Organization, (954) 947-5259 or visit http://www.trero.org


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