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Another Shade of Blue with Ty Sawyer Debuts on AWE TV Formally Wealth TV Saturday 7:00 P.M. EST

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Perhaps the most popular Sawyer that anybody has heard of is Mark Twain’s delightful mischief maker, Tom Sawyer. However, out by the blue hues of oceans and rivers there is another Sawyer who shares the same enthusiasm and spirit for adventure. Ty Sawyer, famous for his adventure writing and photography skills, travels the planet, leaving a trail of descriptions that paint vividly the scenery of some of the most remote, untouched and pristine locations around the globe.

His new show, “Another shade of Blue” is set to premier on AWE TV, previously known as Wealth TV. What makes Ty’s storytelling so unique and evocative is that he is as fascinated by the world he is in as we are by the one he describes to us, the pictures pouring in oodles of colors, both vibrant and melancholy.

For any who doubt Ty’s traveling acumen, you should know that he was born in England and comes from a military family that traveled constantly. Ty served as editor in chief of both Islands and Sport Diver Magazines. From his experience in these posts, Ty was inducted to the International Scuba Diving Hall of Fame as Diver of the Year in 2010; he is a Wyland ICON Award Recipient in 2010, he is a Fellow National in the Explorers Club, and finally he is a Member of the Ocean Artists Society. So you can see he has been traveling since he was a wee lad.

Any person who loves the idea of traveling gets all kinds of daydreams that involve going to lush green valleys and sparkling seas, but somehow they never manage to leave their computer desk. Watching someone like Mr Sawyer do what he loves for a living makes one wonder if they can’t squeeze in a little time to go on their own adventure. Most travelers seem have a bit of Bilbo Baggins in them and Ty and his team are the equivalent of Gandalf and the dwarves who could wake the sleepy hobbit and entice him to wander off on an exceptional journey.

The search for new experiences is always on, for in a world as large as ours, no single person can say they have done it all. The followers of the “Dive Traveler” which is Ty’s e-zine, already know this. There are many strange cultures and traditions spanning the world that are mystical, beautiful and sometimes just plain strange, but achieving an understanding as much as you can about how a place shapes its people is something that every traveler aspires to achieve. Everyone has heard stories and myths from their favorite books and movies and it make them wonder, for a brief moment, whether such things could exist. Traveling makes it possible to find that inevitable bedrock of truth and wonderment.

The show, “Another Shade of Blue with Ty Sawyer,” according to its official website (www.anothershadeofblue.tv) begins in Belize, with the “Blue Crew” as they are called, trekking into the jungle to climb ancient Mayan pyramids. To see what happens, tune into AWE TV on November 30th at 7:00 P.M. EST to watch Ty Sawyer and his crew finding shade after shade of brilliant blue.

Please be sure to watch all 12 half hour episodes of “Another Shade of Blue with Ty Sawyer” on AweTV from the 30th of November onwards.


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