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Shipwreck School at The Scuba NewsHave you ever watched a Shipwreck documentary or read stories of amazing historical discoveries beneath the sea and dreamed of being your very own Jacques Cousteau? Now imagine a place where you could immerse yourself in learning all about shipwrecks including how to operate the equipment used to search for and find them anywhere in the world.  Enter Shipwreck School.

Shipwreck School was born out of a desire to offer a place where one could go to learn about shipwrecks, including exploration methodology, hands-on training, historical significance, current political climate surrounding shipwreck exploration, and the list goes on.  The extended vision for the school is to promote and foster private exploration of shipwrecks by both scuba divers and non-divers alike.

Shipwreck School has been designed to offer a diverse selection of courses and seminars to clients on location, anywhere in the world. Given that the topic of shipwreck exploration is so broad and diverse and can be both complicated and controversial, the design of Shipwreck School is to be very intentional in offering a balanced and well-rounded approach, offering training from a variety of perspectives, including that of treasure hunters and marine archaeologists, seasoned explorers, and exploration technology gurus. Instructors at Shipwreck School are well-equipped to provide training based on experience versus opinion or policy.  Each one is a respected professional in their respective fields and has a minimum of a thousand hours or more of actual “field experience”.

Those with a passion for exploration, adventure, history, or all of the above are invited to consider taking part in these new, innovative and unique training courses, seminars and projects where they will find themselves in the company of adventurers and seasoned explorers. They will experience “hands on” training by professional instructors on various pieces of cutting-edge-technology-equipment including: side scan sonar systems, marine magnetometers, remote operated vehicles (ROVs), underwater camera systems, underwater metal detectors, underwater communication systems, and so on.

Shipwreck School is based in historic Halifax, Nova Scotia on Canada’s rugged and largely unexplored East Coast. For more information on how you can spend a few days in the company of adventurers, visit us on line at: www.shipwreckschool.ca


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