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Do you fancy celebrating Christmas in style or like the idea of welcoming the New Year in a little bit differently? If so, don’t forget our incredible Christmas and New Year offers that are currently running:


A Day in the Life of an Instructor – Rainy Days and Rays

When you live in paradise not every day can be a perfect day. There are the good days and the bad days, sunny days and rainy days. Living in the tropics I have experienced my fair share of all kinds of days and in time I have learned a very important concept that comes with living in paradise. Weather has very little to do with a perfect day.


Reclaiming The Deep: Solving the Riddle of Nitrogen Narcosis

Nitrogen narcosis is one of the most common dangers of deep sea diving and despite decades of study, it remains poorly understood. However, advances in science and engineering mean that researchers are on the cusp of new discoveries. In this teaser for a full-length documentary, we take a glimpse at the ongoing work of scientists in their effort to reclaim the deep.


‘Still Standing’ star dives into comedy, Atlantic Ocean

Small towns provide big laughs. That is what Jonny Harris gets on his cross-Canada trip to bring his humour to small-population centres. His summer-time show, “Still Standing,” returns to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation June 27 and will feature the comedian on stage as well as scuba diving in the Atlantic Ocean.


Our Plastic Problem and Five Ways You Can Help

As many social feeds are recently showing, the growing amount of plastic waste is readily evident in our daily lives. From the infamous video of good samaritans pulling a plastic drinking straw from the nose of a sea turtle, to the 2016 report showing that by 2050 our oceans will contain more weight in plastic waste than fish, it’s becoming apparent, and frankly hard to ignore, that people’s obsession with disposable plastic products is a problem.


Ocean Frontiers Launches Top of the Line “Limo-Style” Dive Boat

Ocean Frontiers Ltd., the dive operation that wrote the book on East End diving in Grand Cayman, has launched the first in a series of custom designed dive boats to a plan to upgrade and expand its fleet to accommodate the company’s growth. Co-owner and Managing Partner Steve Broadbelt says the new 46-foot Newton named “Gun Bay Diver” was built in the U.S.A. and designed to take the diving experience to the next level.


PADI Go Pro night…Monday May 29th 6pm at Dive Wellington

Come along for a presentation evening on becoming a PADI Dive Professional. Hear what’s involved in becoming a PADI Dive Instructor or a PADI Dive Master. We will discuss our full-time Diploma in Scuba instruction courses, student loans and allowances, as well as recreational dive instructor pathways.


How Task Loading Can Cause A Scuba Diving Accident

My girlfriend and I are both PADI dive masters and work part-time for a local Vancouver Island Dive shop . We both learned to dive in cold water and have done all of our training in cold water. We dive regularly, averaging around 160 dives a year.

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In scuba diving, there are many things to be grateful for, such as the trip to that must-see shipwreck, a newly discovered shipwreck, or the underwater world of corals and colourful reef fish. Also, there is diving with a group every week and adding another “log entry.”