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Red Sea Global’s Diving Centers Make History in Saudi Arabia with Disability-Friendly Scuba Training

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According to a report by the Saudi Press Agency, Red Sea Global, the owner of two diving centers, has achieved certification to provide scuba diving training for individuals with disabilities. These centers, located at Nujuma, Ritz-Carlton Reserve, and Turtle Bay, are the pioneering establishments of their kind in Saudi Arabia. Notably, they have been awarded a prestigious five-star rating by the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) for their exceptional proficiency in facilitating diving activities in challenging environments.

The certification mandates that each center must have instructors proficient in techniques adapted for individuals with disabilities, as well as ensuring wheelchair accessibility throughout the facilities, including diving areas and any associated boats.

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Scuba Diving Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia
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Instructors underwent an intensive three-day training program encompassing both theoretical and practical aspects, conducted in both pool and open water settings. They honed their skills in assisting divers with limited mobility, using specialized equipment such as mesh swimming gloves and simulated visual impairment masks, and learned techniques for guiding divers with disabilities safely.

Rosanna Chopra, the executive director of destination development at Red Sea Global, emphasized the company’s commitment to fostering an inclusive diving culture. She highlighted the centers’ tailored infrastructure, logistics, communication methods, training programs, and safety protocols, all designed to cater to divers of varying abilities. This ensures a warm and supportive environment, welcoming individuals of all backgrounds to enjoy the diving experience.

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