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The Premium Waterproof Phone Case that Unleashes Your Creativity Underwater 

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JOBY – the reference brand for content creator gear that empowers creators and helps uplift their creativity announces the launch of the JOBY SeaPal: a premium waterproof phone case designed in partnership with AquaTech that takes content creation to new levels, unlocking new creative possibilities to produce stunning footage in and around water.

Joby SealPal

JOBY has always focused on uplifting the potential of content creators who dream big, supporting their creative journey with a product ecosystem that simplifies content production, making it faster and better while having fun. The launch of the JOBY SeaPal waterproof phone case marks the introduction of an additional creative playground for expert creators, combining JOBY’s deep understanding of the content creators’ needs with AquaTech’s technical know-how of ocean photography for guaranteed reliability. 

Sea to Sky

Fully compatible with iPhone 12/13/14/15 and Samsung Galaxy S22/S23, JOBY SeaPal is the safest ecosystem for smartphone content creation, dedicated to surfers looking to capture epic, wave-riding shots, creators who want to share the beauty of coral reefs or mobile travel vloggers engaged in water activities such as kitesurfing, jet skiing, snowboarding or waterpark adventures.
Additionally, JOBY SeaPal is the perfect companion for expert creators on the go who don’t have space to carry bulky, waterproof camera casings or want a quicker alternative to an action camera. 

Designed by AquaTech to ensure waterproof, shockproof and dustproof capabilities, JOBY SeaPal allows creators to trust their phones are fully enclosed and protected at all times without fear of damage.

The new JOBY SeaPal collection not only includes the phone case, but also a Bluetooth shutter grip, and a quick release split water dome port with cover, that enables the creation of breathtaking content both above and beneath the water’s surface. 

Above water, the clear soft membrane means users can maintain full control of their phones, allowing full navigation of the screen as normal. Below the water surface, the Bluetooth Shutter Grip establishes a connection with the phone to ensure that no action shots are missed. 

With JOBY SeaPal, JOBY and AquaTech have created a reliable and versatile ecosystem that empowers mobile content creators to deliver exceptional content whilst enjoying their journey out in the water.

Learn more at: https://www.joby.com


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