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Dive Point Red Sea To Close After 30 Years of Operation

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After three decades of exhilarating diving experiences and unforgettable encounters, Dive Point Red Sea, led by Regina and Matthias, announces the closure of its doors in June 2024, marking the end of an era in the diving community.

With a mix of joy for the cherished memories, gratitude for the shared moments, and a touch of nostalgia, Regina and Matthias bid farewell to their beloved dive center as they transition into well-deserved retirement from the diving scene.

Sea to Sky

The decision to close the dive base comes with a tinge of melancholy, as the past 32 years haven’t just been about business but a culmination of life stories, bubbling enthusiasm, and a salty camaraderie forged through shared experiences beneath the waves.

Acknowledging the significance of their loyal patrons, in a recent Facebook post, Dive Point Red Sea expresses deep gratitude to its regulars who have made the dive center their second home. Each individual has left an indelible mark on the Dive Point family, contributing to its vibrant tapestry of memories.

Liquid Diving

Special recognition is also extended to the dedicated staff whose unwavering commitment, passion, and warmth have been the heartbeat of Dive Point Red Sea. Their tireless efforts have woven the fabric of the dive center’s identity, shaping it into a welcoming sanctuary for diving enthusiasts.

As Dive Point Red Sea prepares to bid adieu, the team will gradually wind down operations, reflecting on the countless underwater adventures and sun-kissed moments shared over the years. The equipment, which has faithfully accompanied them on their journey, will be passed on to new owners with both a smile and a tear, carrying the legacy of Dive Point Red Sea forward into new waters.

In a heartfelt message to every guest and employee who has been part of the Dive Point Red Sea family, Regina and Matthias express their appreciation for the laughter, enthusiasm, and sense of community that has defined their dive center. Though the name may change, the memories of past dives, vibrant sunsets, and the echo of laughter will forever resonate like the gentle rhythm of the ocean in their hearts.



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