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Diveheart’s Revolutionary Partnership: Transforming Old Wetsuits into Eco-Friendly Treasures

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Scuba.com, a prominent retailer specializing in scuba diving equipment, is excited to introduce a pioneering initiative in collaboration with Diveheart and Lava Rubber. This program aims to repurpose used wetsuits into environmentally friendly goods like coasters, welcome mats, and yoga mats, promoting sustainability efforts.

Partnering with Diveheart, a non-profit organization dedicated to enabling scuba diving experiences for people with disabilities, Scuba.com encourages divers to recycle their old wetsuits. Collection points will be set up at Scuba.com’s retail outlets in Costa Mesa, CA, and New York, NY, where wetsuits will be gathered and sent to Lava Rubber for upcycling on behalf of Diveheart.

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Lava Rubber, a company specializing in sustainable rubber products, will transform the collected wetsuits into innovative items. These upcycled products will be available for purchase, with a portion of the proceeds supporting Diveheart’s programs.

To launch the wetsuit recycling program, Scuba.com is announcing a special promotion at the Beneath the Sea Scuba show in New Jersey on March 24th. Attendees will have the opportunity to drop off their old wetsuits, contributing to sustainability efforts while engaging in the scuba diving community event.

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“We are excited to launch this wetsuit recycling program in partnership with Diveheart and Lava Rubber,” said Mary Lawrence, Director of Sales & Retail at Scuba.com “By repurposing old wetsuits, we not only promote environmental conservation but also support Diveheart’s mission of making scuba diving inclusive.”

Scuba.com invites divers, environmental enthusiasts, and the public to participate in this eco-friendly initiative, supporting Diveheart’s valuable work in creating inclusive scuba diving experiences.

About Scuba.com

For over three decades, Scuba.com has been the preferred destination for scuba diving and snorkeling gear, providing a lowest price guarantee, free shipping on most items, and top-notch customer service from diving experts. Shop online at https://www.scuba.com or visit our dive shops in New York City and Costa Mesa, California.

About Diveheart

Diveheart is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing scuba diving opportunities for individuals with disabilities. Through adaptive diving programs, Diveheart fosters confidence, independence, and community for people of all abilities. Visit www.diveheart.org for more information.

About Lava Rubber

Lava Rubber specializes in creating sustainable rubber products, prioritizing environmental responsibility. By repurposing materials like old wetsuits, Lava Rubber produces innovative and eco-friendly items. Learn more at www.lavarubber.com.

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