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Nitrogen narcosis is one of the most common dangers of deep sea diving and despite decades of study, it remains poorly understood. However, advances in science and engineering mean that researchers are on the cusp of new discoveries. In this teaser for a full-length documentary, we take a glimpse at the ongoing work of scientists in their effort to reclaim the deep.

Many adults today suffer from back pain intermittently or chronically thanks to our modern, primarily sedentary lifestyles. Spinal injuries are especially isolating when access to exercise and sporting opportunities become limited as a result and scuba diving with chronic back pain requires extra considerations. When done correctly however, diving can provide pain relief and escapism from chronic back pain. Here are our top tips for minimising the risk of further injury or aggravating existing conditions when diving:

Early one afternoon near La Paz, Mexico, at Los Islotes, a popular dive site and sea lion rookery, a sea lion bit the diver on the stomach. At the time of the attack he was scuba diving in less than 20 feet of seawater with approximately 50 other divers from several dive boats present.