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Started by Kirsten Treais, AAT has been around for 14 years now. Previous to that Kirsten and her staff worked at a variety of dive and adventure travel companies in the Bay Area.

Our focus is on scuba and adventure travel for groups, individuals and families. Kirsten has many certifications and over 1500 dives logged in. She is the hard core diver in the group and regularly leads trips to Cocos Island, the Galapagos, Malpelo, all over Indonesia, the Philippines, Micronesia and more. She has an uncanny encyclopedic knowledge of all the liveaboards, dive resorts and sites she has had the pleasure to experience. Her speciality is really listening to a client and making sure they have the right fit as far as their dive experience and really what type of dive trip they have in mind.

There’s no better way to plan travel than to talk to someone with Kirsten’s experience and product knowledge. The rest of the staff are more novice divers and snorkelers so we tend to cater to the folks who are looking to head to Belize, Fiji, the Seychelles, Costa Rica, Mexico and more. We all have kids who’ve grown up traveling with us to exotic locations and have become divers too. It’s our passion for travel and the sport that makes us want to come to work every day. We love selling dive travel and sending people to amazing places.

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