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Amazing Adventures Travel is Cuckoo for Cocos

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Situated in the Golden Triangle some 550 kilometers off the mainland of Costa Rica, the converging nutrient-rich currents from nearby deep water attract multitudes of pelagic action to Cocos. Once considered a destination for hardcore divers, this marine national park now attracts all sorts of scuba divers lured by its remote beauty and seas teeming with life. There are 20 dive sites close to the island. They range from from shallow to steep vertical walls, to drift diving, to deep pinnacle diving down, to blue water dives. Isla del Coco is a large uprising of volcanic seamounts covered with untamed and uninhabited tropical rainforest. Largely untouched by humans, nature reigns supreme here, allowing the marine and island creatures to interact undisturbed and thrive in the process.

The main attraction of Cocos Island diving is scalloped hammerhead sharks. You will witness wave after wave of huge groups of hammerheads, some numbering in the hundreds! Other regular shark species include white tip reef sharks and Galapagos, silky, tiger, black tip, silver tip and guitar sharks. They are joined by many different species of rays: mobula, marble, manta and eagle rays swirling around you in search of cleaning stations.

Sea to Sky

The best way to experience Cocos is on the130-foot Argo, the newest vessel to dive these magical waters. She was completely retrofitted to serve discerning divers in style and comfort. Argo’s nine cabins accommodate a maximum of eighteen divers in comfort and space. For an extra thrill, Argo now has a custom built submarine Deep See capable of descending to 1,000 feet. No decompression needed so you can combine submarine trips with your regular dives. Go and see what otherworldly critters dwell in the dark abyss where sunlight never reaches.

Amazing Adventures Travel has 4 spots open on the Argo!

August 3-13, 2016 – Save $2000 on this cruise – Regular rate: $6295. Now $4295 plus park fees.

Lear more or contact us at: www.amazingadventurestravel.com


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