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Dutch Diver Dies Off The Coast of Malta

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In a tragic incident off the coast of Malta on Tuesday, a Dutch diver lost his life while 17 other tourists were successfully rescued after encountering difficulties while swimming in rough seas, according to authorities.

According to a report from Reuters, The Armed Forces of Malta reported that the incident occurred as two groups of divers were swimming near Cirkewwa, a renowned dive spot located at the northern tip of Malta. Strong winds suddenly whipped up rough sea conditions, posing a challenge for the divers.

Sea to Sky

Promptly responding to the distress call, several patrol boats and a helicopter were deployed in the search and rescue operation. Four individuals managed to make their way to shore, located less than a mile away, while the remaining divers were rescued from the sea. Unfortunately, despite efforts to save him, one diver was pronounced dead upon arrival at the hospital.

Eyewitnesses noted that the divers involved in the incident hailed from various nationalities, underscoring the international nature of the diving community.

Liquid Diving

Malta, renowned for its rich marine life and numerous dive sites, attracts several thousand divers annually, contributing significantly to the island’s tourism industry. The scale of this rescue operation is believed to be one of the largest undertaken for divers in the region.



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