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BSAC 2024 Election Unveils Candidates for Council Positions

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The upcoming British Sub-Aqua Club (BSAC) election has revealed the contenders for key council positions this year. Scheduled for 2024, the election will determine individuals to fill roles including the National Diving Officer, Honorary Treasurer, and two Council member positions.

Notably, the Honorary Treasurer position already has a designated candidate, Richard Pettifer, who has been elected unopposed. However, the race for the National Diving Officer position is more competitive, with five candidates vying for the role.

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The full list of candidates for the BSAC Election 2024 includes:

National Diving Officer (one position available)

  • Pete Bicheno
  • David George
  • Eugene Farrell
  • Michelle Kim
  • Sophie Rennie

Honorary Treasurer (one position available)

  • Richard Pettifer (unopposed)

Council member (two positions available)

  • Dai Atkins
  • Lee Bevan
  • Alex Denny
  • Geoff Duggan
  • Gareth Field
  • Thomas Hawksworth
  • Catherine Haworth
  • Paul Tarn
  • Andrew Warren

The successful candidates from the election will assume their respective positions on the BSAC Council following the 70th BSAC Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Saturday, May 11th, at 10 am.

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Similar to previous years, the 2024 AGM will be conducted online, and all BSAC members are encouraged to participate. Detailed instructions on how to pre-register for the online AGM and submit questions for the Council will be available on the BSAC Election 2024 website, facilitated by Civica. Members will receive access information via email towards the end of March.

For those eligible to vote, BSAC will provide comprehensive details of the online voting process, including unique voting codes and links to candidate CVs, also distributed by Civica by the end of March. Members who do not receive this email are advised to contact BSAC directly.

All voting in the 2024 election will be conducted online unless members have specifically registered for a postal vote. To request a postal vote, members should email maryt@bsac.com with their name and membership number by the 13th of April.

Voting for the BSAC Election 2024 will close on April 27th at 10 am.

To ensure smooth communication, members are encouraged to verify and update their email addresses through their MyBSAC accounts. Additionally, BSAC urges Branch Officers to confirm that club members have received their voting codes from Civica by the end of March and to reach out if assistance is needed.

Learn more about BSAC at: https://www.bsac.com



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