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The Big Scuba Podcast, Episode 171 – Kirk Krack at Deep

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Kirk Krack

Gemma and Ian recently visited the team at DEEP. Kirk Krack is the Human Diver Performance Lead.  This podcast conversation with Kirk was recorded back in 2020 and sets the scene showcasing Kirks diving experience. More information and conversation will be out in future episodes about DEEP.

Gemma and Ian also talk about Dive Fitness, Ians Dry suit and upcoming dive trip to the M2 wreck and the UK diving show.

Sea to Sky

DEEP Campus is the new site formally known as the Chepstow dive site and popular with many UK divers. However, it has an exciting new purpose. DEEP exists to radically advance how humankind can access, explore and inhabit underwater environments

Through flexible, modular subsea habitats, work-class submarines, and advanced human performance research, DEEP completely transforms what we are capable of underwater – and will increase our understanding of life on this planet.

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