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Step into Florida’s Prehistoric Past at the 37th Annual FossilFest: The Ice Age Returns!

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In a journey back to Florida’s last Ice Age, where mammoths roamed the land, pyramids lined the coast, and fearsome creatures like saber cats, giant lions, and wolves ruled the terrain, the Tampa Bay Fossil Club invites you to experience the 37th annual FossilFest on March 16 and 17 at the Florida State Fairgrounds.

FossilFest stands as the Sunshine State’s premier prehistoric show, showcasing an array of remarkable fossils discovered right here in Florida, alongside artifacts left behind by the state’s earliest inhabitants. The event promises a unique opportunity for the public to delve into the mysteries of Florida’s captivating prehistoric era, a time when saber-toothed cats, colossal wolves, massive sharks comparable to school buses, and ancient Native Americans thrived on the peninsula.

Sea to Sky

This educational extravaganza caters to both children and adults, offering immersive activities designed to enlighten visitors about Florida’s rich prehistoric heritage. Attendees can explore exhibits featuring gems, minerals, fossilized shells, and antique bottles, providing a comprehensive look into the diverse facets of the state’s geological and anthropological history.

Moreover, FossilFest will host vendors ready to share and trade fossils, not only from the local grounds of Florida but also from across the globe. This event serves as an invaluable platform for enthusiasts, scientists, and curious minds to come together, fostering a greater understanding and appreciation for the remnants of an era long past.

Don’t miss this opportunity to step back in time and witness the wonders of Florida’s prehistoric legacy. Mark your calendars for March 16 and 17, and join us at the Florida State Fairgrounds for a journey into the Ice Age at FossilFest – where history comes to life!

Learn more in our Event Calendar or at: https://tampabayfossilclub.com/


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