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Sharks4Kids Presents: Fin Files

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The first video from Sharks4Kids new series,The Fin Files

The amazing adaptations of the swell shark, great hammerhead, and pelagic thresher are featured in Shark Super Powers Vol 1. (above) This series’ videos will all accompany specific lessons and activities. Dive in and explore this visual learning experience that is interactive. Ideal for use in the classroom or at home.

Sea to Sky

When you donate to Sharks4Kids, you not only enable the creation of educational resources like this, but you also make them available for free to students and educators.

Contribute to our continued provision of exceptional materials and experiences to engage and inspire the next generation of shark advocates.


Over the past decade, they have reached more than 250,000 students in person across 15 countries, all 50 U.S. states, and over 79 countries virtually. Our dedicated educators have created free, comprehensive K-12 STEAM-based curriculum and distributed educational materials to teachers around the world. Through science-driven partnerships, they have provided over 1,000 students with the unique opportunity to step into the field and immerse themselves in the world of sharks and shark research. By adopting a comprehensive approach, they are creating the future generation of shark advocates, one lesson at a time.

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