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The Women Divers Hall of Fame – Seven New Members of the Class of 2024

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Congratulations Class of 2024

Ronnie Damico — California, USA
Instructor, Scientific Diving Officer, NAUI Board Member

Elizabeth Kintzing — Maine, USA
Educator, Scientific Diver, Ocean Advocate

Sea to Sky

Laura Marroni — Italy
Diving Safety Advocate, Tech and Cave Diver, NGO Manager

Mikki McComb-Kobza, Ph.D. — Colorado, USA
Explorer, Conservationist, Educator

Robyn McGinn — Virginia, USA
Navy Diving Program Manager, Diving Life Support Systems
Technical Expert, Navy Deep Sea Diver

Penelope “Mossy” Powell (1904-1965) — UK, posthumous
First Woman Cave Diver, Co-Author of First Cave Diving Book

Samantha Whitcraft — Florida, USA
Conservation Biologist, Oceans Advocate, Environmentalist

Women Divers Hall of Fame: Mission’s Statement

Recognize women divers who have made outstanding contributions to the exploration, understanding, safety, and enjoyment of our underwater world and to the advancement of women divers.

Support the underwater world and the careers that go with it by promoting diving opportunities through grants, scholarships, internships, and mentoring, as well as a global network of industry contacts.

Women Divers Hall of Fame: Vision Statement

Make the Women’s Diving Hall of Fame the preeminent organization for recognizing the international accomplishments of women divers and empowering the next generation of ocean and water system advocates.

Enrich the narrative of diving history by highlighting significant contributions made by women divers since the beginning of underwater diving.

Encourage, enable, and actively support future generations of divers as they explore, promote, and protect the aquatic environment of our planet.

Ensure that we have a diverse group of pioneers, innovators, and record holders who contribute significantly to our knowledge, skill, comprehension, safety, and enjoyment of the underwater environment.

Extend our reach through scholarships and training grants to develop generations of diverse individuals who passionately enjoy and protect our planet’s water.

Women Divers Hall of Fame


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