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Diver Taken To Hospital Off La Jolla, California After Being Recovered by Lifeguard

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In yet another water emergency in La Jolla, a diver was rescued from the waters off La Jolla over the weekend, making it the fourth such incident in the area this year. The diver’s current condition remains unknown, but immediate CPR was administered before the individual was transported to a local hospital.

The incident unfolded when La Jolla Cove lifeguards received a distress call at approximately 9:35 a.m. on November 11. A person was reported yelling for help approximately 150 yards off north Boomer Beach, according to San Diego city spokeswoman Monica Muñoz. Upon response, lifeguards discovered a scuba diver who reported that their dive partner was last seen about 50 feet underwater with their regulator out of their mouth. The lifeguards promptly relayed this information to dispatch, leading to the dispatch of a fire crew, ambulance, and members of the dive team to the scene. Additionally, a helicopter was deployed for assistance.

Around 10:30 a.m., the submerged patient was located about 50 feet underwater. Muñoz stated, “Lifeguards pulled the patient up and started CPR” before the individual was transported to the hospital. Detailed information about the diver is currently unavailable.

This incident follows three previous water emergencies involving distressed divers in La Jolla. On September 3, a diver was found not breathing at La Jolla Cove and was pronounced dead. About six weeks earlier, another diver at The Cove was discovered unconscious with “no pulse,” as reported by lifeguards. In May, a former La Jolla resident who was pulled unconscious from the water during a swim at La Jolla Cove passed away three days later in a hospital, according to the family.

Source: La Jolla Light


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