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Diver Missing On Zenobia Wreck in Cyprus

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A diver exploring the shipwreck “Zenobia” in the maritime area of Larnaca has been reported missing as of the morning of Thursday, October 26. The Larnaca Search and Rescue Coordination Center (KSERC) has initiated a search and rescue operation in response to this incident.

KSERC Larnaca received information about the missing diver around 10 a.m. The individual had descended to explore the “Zenobia” shipwreck located in the coastal waters of Larnaca Bay.

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In response to the situation, the center activated the National Search and Rescue Plan “NEARCHOS.” This led to the deployment of rescue divers and teams from the Republic of Cyprus E-D System, alongside volunteer rescue teams.

The search operation is currently ongoing, with no results reported at this time.

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About the Zenobia

The Zenobia shipwreck is one of the most renowned and well-preserved underwater archaeological sites in the world. Located off the coast of Larnaca in Cyprus, this sunken legend has captured the imagination of divers, historians, and adventure seekers since its discovery. Here’s a brief informational piece about this fascinating wreck.

The Zenobia: The Zenobia was a Swedish-built Ro-Ro (roll-on/roll-off) ferry that set sail on her maiden voyage in May 1980. Tragically, she encountered technical difficulties just one mile from the Cypriot coast and was forced to anchor. Attempts to resolve the issues failed, and over the course of two days, the ship listed to one side, eventually sinking to a depth of approximately 42 meters (138 feet). Fortunately, all 105 crew members on board were safely evacuated, preventing any loss of life.

Archaeological Treasure: The Zenobia shipwreck is often described as a time capsule of the late 20th century, offering valuable insights into maritime technology and commerce during that era. The ship’s cargo included over a hundred vehicles, ranging from cars to trucks, as well as various goods such as meat, vegetables, and electronics.

Diving Adventure: The Zenobia is a mecca for divers from around the world. The crystal-clear waters of the Mediterranean, coupled with the excellent visibility at this depth, make it an ideal site for exploring the wreck. Divers can navigate through the ship’s cavernous interiors, where trucks and cars are still recognizable, serving as eerie reminders of the ship’s former life.



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