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DAN Europe Launches Internet-Based Emergency Hotline Service for Divers

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In a move set to reshape the landscape of emergency assistance for divers, DAN Europe has introduced an Internet-based service that opens up new possibilities for reaching their Alarm Center.

Diving Safety in Weak Signal Areas

One of the standout features of this new service is its ability to connect divers to the Alarm Center even when they’re in regions with notoriously poor cellular signal reception. Divers exploring remote or challenging dive sites will no longer be at the mercy of unreliable signal strength. Immediate assistance during emergencies is now a global reality for DAN Europe Members.

Affordable Long-Distance Calls

The service also offers a solution to the issue of expensive long-distance calls. By using the Internet, members can place calls without the fear of incurring hefty charges. DAN Europe’s approach ensures that the cost of communication doesn’t hinder safety when it’s needed most.

Putting Diver Safety at the Forefront

The introduction of this service underscores DAN Europe’s commitment to prioritizing diver safety. The focus on accessibility, even in challenging situations, reflects the organization’s dedication to enhancing diver support and safety worldwide.

The new DAN Europe service is expected to significantly enhance the diving experience for their members. With a focus on accessibility, affordability, and ensuring immediate assistance, it sets a new standard in diving safety and support.

Learn more about DAN Europe at: https://dive.im/DANEurope or download the DAN Europe application for iOS and Android


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