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Big Changes For Blue O Two Operations in Egypt and the Maldives

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Since its inception in 2003, Blue O Two has always been at the forefront of providing exceptional experiences for its customers. Over the years, the company has continually demonstrated innovation and forward thinking in its fleet operations, fostering a global community of divers from all walks of life. Today, we bring you news of a thrilling new development at Blue O Two that promises to elevate your diving experience even further.

In 2015, Blue O Two joined forces with Worldwide Dive & Sail, giving birth to Master Liveaboards. This partnership initially took root in the Galapagos and has since expanded its reach, now encompassing 10 liveaboards in 10 diverse and exotic locations around the world. Master Liveaboards quickly earned its place among the world’s premier liveaboard companies, specializing in both well-known and remote diving destinations such as the Philippines, Bahamas, and Bikini Atoll.

As part of Blue O Two’s ongoing mission to provide inspirational experiences, the company constantly challenges itself to improve. The question that has driven this transformation is simple yet profound: “What can we do better?”

Today, we announce that Master Liveaboards is joining forces with the Blue O Two ground teams in the Red Sea and the Maldives. In this exciting development, Master Liveaboards will take charge of ground operations, uniting the expertise of both teams to offer you, our valued customers, the best of both worlds.

What Does This Mean for You?

If you currently have a booking with Blue O Two, there is no need to fret. Your bookings remain unchanged and will proceed as planned.

By combining this foundation with Master Liveaboards’ extensive experience in running seamless, secure, and trusted operations, Blue O Two are poised for an exciting and promising future.

On your next dive adventure, you will witness substantial improvements as the renowned vessels, Blue Horizon and Blue Melody, undergo both structural and cosmetic enhancements.


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