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5 Essentials To Pack for a Liveaboard Dive Cruise

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Do you have a liveaboard diving cruise planned? Maximize your experience and prepare for your adventure with our list of liveaboard packing essentials.

Some of the world’s best dive spots are remote, requiring a multi-day water-bound excursion. Liveaboards allow you to do just that—travel the waters to get to hard-to-reach, beautiful, and multiple underwater wildernesses. Whether you’re traveling to dive spots in Indonesia or Costa Rica, no matter where you go, stay prepared with these five packing essentials for liveaboard dive cruises

Travel Documents 

Wherever and however you travel—by plane, train, or boat—you won’t get very far without your travel documents. Passports, visas, and travel insurances are necessities. These important documents ensure you comply with local travel regulations and remain identifiable. Packing your travel documents with you for your liveaboard trip is just as important as bringing your boat ticket. 

Diving Certifications 

Other legal necessities to pack are your diving certifications and licenses. Diving trips are exciting and fun adventures, but they’re also high-risk activities. If anything happens to you on your dive, your diving certifications, licenses, and insurance play a critical role in building your legal case. Plus, most diving instructors won’t and can’t let you get in the water without proof of license and certification. 

Pastime Entertainment

Depending on your liveaboard’s travel course, you might spend a majority of your excursion on the boat with little sights to see other than a blue expanse stretching all the way into the distance of your horizon. Packing some pastime entertainment like cards, handheld gaming devices, and books with you on your excursion keeps you entertained during travel time between dive spots. 

Some liveaboards provide a few entertainment amenities to keep you occupied when not heading underwater. When you book a trip on the Dewi Nusantara—a luxury liveaboard in Indonesia—you receive a cruise with many pastime enjoyments to relish, from kayaking to massages. Packing a few more entertainment items further ensures you spend every second of your trip entertained and happy, whether you are in or out of the water. 

Sea Sickness Medication 

Being in the water is very different from being on the water. Packing sea sickness medication ensures you remain in top shape during your travels and enjoy all that your liveaboard experience offers. A case of an upset stomach and ringing headaches confines you to your cot and bathroom. Keep seasickness at bay and maximize your time onboard your cruise by packing sea sickness medications. 

Some motion sickness remedies to add to your sea sickness first aid kit include: 

  • Over-the-counter medication
  • Acupressure wristbands 
  • Aromatherapy oils 
  • Ginger snacks and drinks

Scuba Suit and Accessories

Most liveaboards provide you with the diving basics, from the flippers to the masks and oxygen tanks. However, packing your own scuba suit and accessories, such as scuba socks, hood, and gloves, enhances your diving experience. Diving suit rentals may not fit right or may lack some of your comfort diving accessories. Packing your own scuba attire guarantees your diving suit fits and allows you to dive more comfortably. To further maximize your diving comfort, pack your own flippers and masks if you have room in your bag. Using your personal equipment guarantees a more enjoyable and comfortable dive. 

Make sure to bring these five packing essentials for your upcoming liveaboard diving trip and make the most of your water-bound adventure, no matter where you go. 


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