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Central Caribbean Marine Institute Presents: Reefs Go Live 2023

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“Reefs Go Live” will return in 2023 from their start in 2018. We’re thrilled to bring you another season of thrilling and educational live broadcasts from the reefs of Little Cayman in the Caribbean. Register now for free participation at donate.reefresearch.org/rgl2022.

Episodes will be broadcast at 10 am GMT/UTC-5h on: 31 March 14 April 11 May 8 June, 2023.

Most people, as terrestrial beings, find it difficult to comprehend the unique processes of the ocean, let alone imagine being able to take the plunge and dive beneath the waves. One of the challenges is that people in cities, rural areas, and geographically isolated areas see the ocean as a distant place beyond their reach. Furthermore, scientists frequently conduct research on relevant topics in remote locations where the majority of the general public would be unable to gain first-hand experience. This reality imposes significant financial, logistical, and physical constraints on bringing people into the field to directly explore the ocean.

The education team at CCMI has created a transformational, interactive education program that uses Virtual Live Experiences (VLEs) methods to connect students and the general public to real-time coral reef activity in an informal science setting. Scientists deliver live lessons from the underwater and lab environments using high-tech face masks and streaming computer equipment. Innovative technology allows VLEs to lower learning barriers by communicating interactive ‘real-life’ experiences in an informal, scalable science setting.

The project is designed to deliver curriculum-relevant lessons for students in year 5 and year 6 classrooms that are currently oriented to the Cayman Islands and UK national science curriculums and can be streamed directly anywhere in the world. This ground-breaking work began in local schools and has since grown into an international project. Videos were watched in 27 countries in 2021, including the Cayman Islands, the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Jamaica, Ukraine, New Zealand, Ecuador, Suriname, Argentina, Maldives, Norway, Mexico, the Netherlands, Malaysia, Italy, Bermuda, the Philippines, Slovakia, Ghana, Ireland, Bangladesh, Hungary, South Africa, Bermuda, and Spain!

Do you want your students to be a part of this underwater adventure? For more information, please register for the 2023 season here or send us an email. To receive notifications and reminders about future Reefs Go Live broadcasts, subscribe to our YouTube channel and click the “notifications” bell. While live broadcasts will continue to be streamed on YouTube and Facebook, in order to interact with our team during the broadcasts, you MUST register and participate in the episodes HERE.

Sponsors: The Edmund F. and Virginia B. Ball Foundation

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Learn more at: https://reefresearch.org/what-we-do/education/reefs-go-live/


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