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One Cent Nova Scotia Coin from Queen Victoria Find in Nova Scotia

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Saltwater Sean is once again helping to clean up the Sackville River in Nova Scotia.

A lovely river day full of interesting things. The water is still relatively warm, and Sean’s enthusiasm for water cleanups led him to discover a one-cent coin issued by Queen Victoria in 1864.

Sea to Sky

Victoria Large Cents (1861 – 1864)

Nova Scotia adopted a monetary system of dollars and cents in 1859, but set its dollar at $5 per L sterling. Prior to Confederation in 1867, only cents and half cents were issued. It was reported that 800,000 coins were minted. This one cent coin has an image of a crown with the date 1864 on one side and an image of Queen Victoria on the other. The top of the coin reads “One Cent” and the bottom reads “Nova Scotia.” These were only available from 1861 to 1864.

According to the British Coin Price Guide, the value of a Queen Victoria penny in 2014 ranges from £1 ($1.55 Can) for a coin in fine condition to more than £4,000 (over $6,000 Can) for a rare issue in uncirculated condition. The value of a Queen Victoria penny is determined by the year it was struck, the condition of the coin, and the issue or markings on the coin.

Not all coins discovered have monetary value, but they all contribute to Canada’s history in some way.

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