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SportDiver Smartphone Underwater Housing for all including all iPhone 14 models

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SeaLife’s SportDiver Smartphone housing fits the new iPhone 14 series including the iPhone Pro Max. The SeaLife SportDiver is a compact, lightweight underwater housing that fits most Android and Apple smartphones, and accommodates the new iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Ultra, iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro Max. The iOS apps work with previous generations including the iPhone 7.

The SeaLife SportDiver housing allows divers to take photos and video with their smartphone down to 130 feet or 40 meters. The durable housing is constructed of polycarbonate, stainless steel, aluminum, and optical grade glass. Although the SportDiver housing is “heavy duty”, it is not heavy. In fact, it weighs less than 1.5 pounds (641 grams) on land and offers near-neutral buoyancy in water depending on the smartphone.

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The SportDiver ergonomic design is easy to hold and use, featuring a large shutter lever and rear control buttons for easy operation, even with dive gloves. Snorkelers and Divers will be more creative with their photos or video shot by using the advanced camera settings. Depending on your phone model, adjust Zoom, control Exposure, Auto/Manual Focus, White Balance, Lens selection, RAW+JPEG mode, and many more settings.

The SeaLife SportDiver includes the free SportDiver camera app for iOS and Android users. With the SportDiver app, you can easily toggle between photo and video mode. The SportDiver app utilizes the native phone camera technology, which results in the same high-quality photos and videos that you would expect from your phone. The app also offers a power-save mode that temporarily turns off the phone’s camera and dims its display: a touch to any button will wake it up immediately.

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The App Playback mode shows full size photos and videos with a vertical thumbnail strip to easily locate your images. Videos start playing automatically when selected. All files are saved to the phone’s camera roll. The SportDiver housing automatically connects to your phone and the SportDiver app using Bluetooth® Low Energy wireless technology. No cables or buttons, just touch the phone. The housing offers ultra-low power consumption, which is powered by two AAA batteries that last over 50 hours of continuous use.

For enhanced imaging results, a removable underwater color-correction filter is included with the SportDiver which restores natural underwater colors. The filter easily attached or removes underwater and includes a safety tether to prevent loss. The SportDiver housing features triple 1/4-20 tripod mounts which mounts to any light or light tray with standard tripod threads such as SeaLife’s own range of Sea Dragon underwater photo/video lights. SeaLife also offers the SportDiver and the Sea Dragon underwater light combined dubbed the “SportDiver Pro 2500 Set”.

For the phone’s safety and protection, the SportDiver has a sturdy holding spring and rubber grip tabs that securely hold the smartphone in place and add shock-protection. The SportDiver has “Dual Leak Alarms”, which include an internal moisture and vacuum pressure alarms that alert the diver with on-screen warnings, audio, and LED signal in the unlikely event the waterproof seal is compromised or when there is a loss of housing pressure/moisture detected. The door of the SportDiver is sealed with a TPE O-ring and a robust cam-lock sealing latch that easily latches and securely locks the waterproof door. To prevent interior fogging from residual moisture, the SportDiver uses the anti- fogging agent “Moisture Muncher” capsule, which prevents fogging and internal condensation.

SeaLife SportDiver phone housings are available now. Since there’s no change in hardware or electronics, any SportDiver housing will be able to connect to the iPhone 14 series.

The latest iPhone app is available at the Apple store now:

The official app name when searching is “SportDiver” by Pioneer Research.

Learn more at: https://www.sealife-cameras.com



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