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Scuba Diving Oak Leaf Point On Vancouver Island

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Garrett Clement (Uncharted Odssey) has sent us yet another dive video from Vancouver Island, British Columbia. This video was taken at Oak Leaf Park in Nanoose Bay.

Dive Co-ordinates are

Latitude: 49.25

Sea to Sky

Longitude: 124.183

Nanoose Bay is a community on the east coast of British Columbia’s southern Vancouver Island. The location is about 26 kilometres (16 miles) north of Nanaimo and 16 kilometres (10 miles) south of Parksville on BC Highway 19.

Liquid Diving

John Enos was the first European settler on the Nanoose Bay Peninsula in 1862. On an 1864 map, the bay was spelled Noonooa. By the early 1870s, the current anglicized spelling had been adopted.

Berry Point was the name given to the peninsula by the Nanoose First Nation. A rival tribe massacred many members who were berry picking in the early 1800s. A child survivor became known as “Nanoose Bob” later in life.

Dive Report: Oak Leaf Point

Date: August 3rd, 2022
Dive Site: Oak Leaf Point
Location: Nanoose Bay, BC
Water Temperature: 10°C
Visibility: 10m
Dive Time: 60 mins
Max Depth: 24m

Best Time to Visit
January – March

Who to Call?
Nanaimo Dive Outfitters

Site Highlights:

This site is has a wide variety of dives accessible from the point. The small bay located on the south side accesses a deep wall while the big bay on the north side offers a shallow sheltered site suitable for beginners. The middle entrance also provides another option for entry and allows for flexibility when planning a dive. The shear size and diversity of terrain attracts a huge variety of species. You could spend 50 dives at this site and still not see it all. With a multitude of ways to dive it really the only limit is your own creativity. With ample parking and bathroom on site it makes for a great shore dive to do with big groups.

Common Species: Giant Pacific Octopus, Ruby Octopus, Stubby Squid, Giant Nudibranchs, Pugent Sound King Crab, Pipe fish, Sealions (Seasonal) Rare Sightings: Dogfish, Six-Gill Shark, Opalescent Squid


Long Walk on entry, Poor visibility particularly in the summer months. This is a cold water dive so dry suit is recommended.

Garrett Clement: Uncharted Odssey



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