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A “Record” Find In Old Town Yellowknife

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Turn Up The Sound!

Claire found this old record during a cleanup.

Marc Winkler at the CBC North helped us with a turntable to figure out what it was.

Turns out it was a song from 1946 :: Georgia Gibbs “You Keep Coming Back Like A Song”.

This record could have been under the water for over seventy years. Amazing that we can still hear the voice.

Jeremy MacDonald

Georgia Gibbs (August 17, 1918 – December 9, 2006) was an American popular singer and vocal entertainer with a jazz background. Gibbs, who began singing publicly in her early teens, first gained acclaim (and notoriety) in the mid-1950s by interpreting songs from the black rhythm and blues community, and later as a featured vocalist on a slew of radio and television variety and comedy shows. Her main strength was her extraordinary versatility and stylistic range, which ranged from melancholy ballads to uptempo swinging jazz and rock and roll.

Dive Report

Jeremy and Claire recently did a clean-up dive at Otto drive park in Old Town of Yellowknife off Off Latham Island. It’s a cove where some people park their boats. Depth was 10 feet. According to Jeremy, Claire finds all the cool things. He just finds tires and beer cans.

A cool find, indeed!

Sea to Sky

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