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Adapting To Dive Movie Continues To Inspire

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Filmmaker, David Marsh, decides to make a documentary about Adaptive Divers with the Diveheart organization. But seven days before the trip, his 27 year old son over-doses and dies. He decides to go anyway but keeps his loss a secret because he is on his soul’s journey looking for a way to heal his heart. See what he learns and how he discovers that we are all Adapting To Dive.

Adapting to Dive Movie
Adapting to Dive Movie
Filmaker David Marsh, Diveheart founder Jim Elliott and movie participant Peggy at the Orlando Film Festival
Adapting to Dive
Filmaker David Marsh, and Diveheart founder Jim Elliott at the Orlando Film Festival

Adapting to Dive is available to Rent or Buy at Amazon: https://amzn.to/3Oi1PV6


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