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Academy of Underwater Arts and Sciences: Scholarship Applications  

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The Underwater Society of America was founded in 1959 by the then-existing skin-diving councils to represent all divers in North America. It is still the United States’ public diving organization. The USOA has been active in issues relating to divers’ right to dive, marine ecology, safety, legislation, conservation, and other similar issues. They run international competitions in a variety of underwater sports, are charter members of the C.M.A.S. (World Underwater Federation), and are involved in the formation of local clubs and dive councils).

Zale Parry Scholarship 2022

The Academy of Underwater Arts & Sciences (AUAS) is pleased to announce the Zale Parry Scholarship Program, which is open to candidates enrolled in a graduate school program (Masters or Ph.D.) in diving fields of study (Marine Conservation and Education, Diving Medicine and Hyperbaric, Ocean Engineering, and Underwater Archeology).

Sea to Sky

College students seeking to advance their knowledge or enter a professional career in the fields of underwater research, equipment technology, or hyperbaric research are eligible for the scholarship.

The Zale Parry Scholarship is intended to provide financial assistance to individuals seeking to advance their knowledge or enter professional diving and marine careers.

AUAS/DAN Diving Medicine Research Scholarship

The Academy of Underwater Arts and Sciences (AUAS) is pleased to announce the establishment of the AUAS/DAN Diving Medicine Research Scholarship, which will be funded in part by Divers Alert Network (DAN). This annual scholarship will encourage research on topics that broaden our understanding of human physiology in the marine environment. “The scholarship was established through a generous initial donation from a NOGI Fellow and will support important diving medicine research in the future,” said Dan Orr, President of the AUAS. This annual scholarship provides up to $10,000 in financial assistance.

Learn more about the applications at: https://www.auas-nogi.org/terms-scholarship


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