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Books: For the Kids, Scuba Matt’s Underwater Adventure

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Scuba Matt

Scuba Matt invites you to join him on an underwater adventure to meet and learn about sea animals, marine life, and the ocean. Readers are transported to a magical underwater world where they encounter coral reefs, clownfish, stingrays, sharks, octopus, jellyfish, and other sea creatures.

This playful rhyming educational book is designed to excite and entertain young readers while also providing fun facts that older children and adults will enjoy.

Sea to Sky

A fun and educational story that will inspire future ocean explorers and protectors.

Ages 3 to 10 are recommended.

The perfect choice for teachers, parents and giftgivers looking for:

  • Books about the ocean and scuba diving
  • Stories that teach about sea life and animals of the ocean
  • Kids STEM books

Scuba Matt’s Underwater Adventure is a sweet children’s picture book written in playful rhyme and filled with beautiful illustrations and interesting facts. If you or your child enjoys the ocean and stories about sea creatures, this book will quickly become a family favourite.

Written by Echo Morgan

Scuba Matt’s Underwater Adventure is Available from Amazon in Kindle and Paperback


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