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Introducing Yellowknife Divers Inc.

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Yellowknife Divers

Jeremy MacDonald has lived in the North for nine years and has extensive scuba diving training and a passion for the water. Trained as a Padi Open Water SCUBA Instructor, Jeremy created Yellowknife Divers Inc. as a business designed to provide multiple scuba diving services to the communities of the Northwest Territories. Yellowknife Divers Inc. is specialized in doing underwater recovery, inspection, mapping, as well as Padi scuba diving training.  Using technology such as an underwater remotely operated vehicle (ROV) and Lowrance side scanning sonar, Jeremy is able to use technology to enhance underwater search capabilities and narrow down search areas. Based out of Yellowknife, Jeremy is willing to assess your underwater needs and develop a safe, efficient and professional plan with you. 


Houseboat Inspection

Did you lose something off your deck into the abyss of Great Slave Lake? Do you want to check your moorings? Do you want your houseboats flotation assessed?  Yellowknife Divers Inc can assess these and more for you and provide videography if requested.

Yellowknife Divers
Photo Copyright: Yellowknife Divers Inc

Underwater Searches/Recovery

Finding lost things is what Yellowknife Divers Inc. does best! With access to the use of side scanning sonar and an underwater ROV, Jeremy will increase the likelihood of finding your lost items. Jeremy will assess the needs for the job and cost depends on items required for the search and the type of search. Yellowknife Divers Inc will do its best to find your lost item, but cannot guarantee success.

Yellowknife Divers
Photo Copyright: Yellowknife Divers Inc

Underwater Video/SONAR/Mapping

Underwater retrieval of items can be challenging given the turbidity of our waters, as well as the sediment/silt bottoms. Use of technology including our underwater ROV and SONAR can be vital to narrowing down search areas or determining if retrieval may or may not be possible.


As SCUBA diving professionals we are stewards of marine and freshwater ecosystems around the world and in our own back yard. Over the years we have organized many community based water cleanups. These are wonderful events that build community and have resulted in over 15,000 pounds of garbage being removed. In one summer season alone we were able to remove 11,000 pounds of garbage from waterways surrounding Yellowknife. These events are often posted on the “S**t I Found Diving in Yellowknife” Facebook and Instagram pages. Shore support is important for these events to retrieve garbage from divers and help organize it. We welcome divers and non-divers alike to come help clean our beautiful freshwater lakes and rivers. Come join in the fun and stay tuned for clean ups coming this summer.

Learn more at: Yellowknife Divers Inc.


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