Dive Raid International Presents the Indoor Diver Program

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RAID’s indoor diver program is available now…
New program teaches safe practices for diving in aquariums and indoor diving facilities.

Indoor Diver

Dive RAID International has introduced its INDOOR DIVER program in direct response to requests from its members for a “Beginner’s course” that covers all the essential skills for safe scuba diving, that does not cut corners and teaches our full open-water curriculum but is appropriate for customers who either wish specifically to dive in an indoor environment or who simply have very limited access to traditional open-water dive sites.

The Indoor Diver was launched as a stand-alone certification and requires students to complete the same online academics, quizzes, and final exam as RAID’s full open water program. Students must also complete at least four confined water level dives (which carry no minimum time limit and mirror precisely the requirements for confined water dives 1-4 from OW20). The course also requires four open water level dives with at least 2 hours of underwater training. (Indoor dives 5 to 8 have the same requirements as open water dives 1 to 4 from the Open Water 20 program, except they are completed in an indoor environment. The minimum dive time is for each dive is 30 minutes.)

Once certified a RAID Indoor Diver may dive autonomously with a buddy with a similar or a higher level of certification and experience to a maximum depth of 18 meters/60 feet in an indoor environment only.

“We have been working on this program for some time to make sure that it conforms to RAID’s high-level skill requirements while making it appropriate for a community looking for something that relates to their needs,” explained PJ Prinsloo, RAID’s V-P Diver Training.

“As well as serving its primary purpose as a stand-alone in the marketplace,” Prinsloo added, “RAID has developed a comprehensive upgrade process so that Indoor Divers can “upgrade” their experience and certification to the high standards of RAID’s OW20 program.”

Current RAID professionals should contact their local Regional Office for the full course standards.

Contact your local RAID Dive Centre for more details.

Learn more about RAID at: https://www.diveraid.com



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