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Dive For Debris with Neptune and Salacia Diving in Kingston

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October 9, 2021 was the date, Neptune & Salacia Diving was the organizer and over 800 pounds of debris were recovered from the water.

While the winds and the waves were a bit of a challenge, everyone had a lot of fun during the cleanup dive. With more than 20 divers, 15 shore support volunteers, we were able to collect just over 800 pounds of debris.

Many old tires have been removed, and our local water will no longer be polluted. Community booths, the Marine Museum of the Great Lakes at Kingston, Swim Drink Fish Canada, Sandy Pines Wildlife Centre and Turtles Kingston were able to meet with the public and inform them on the aspects of their work in the area.

We are already planning for our next event, more than likely in mid June 2022.

Again, thank you everyone for all of your hard work and see you next year!

Thanks to Neptune and Salacia in Kingston for this contribution. Follow them on Facebook.

Video: Aerosnapper Mike Hill


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