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Introducing AIDA – International Association for the Development of Apnea

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Symbol of Freediving since 1992

AIDA is a non-profit organization of freedivers governed by a democratically elected international assembly. Each national member is entitled to one vote. The assembly elects an executive board to oversee Aida’s daily operations. The president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, sports officer, and education officer are all members of the executive board. The majority of Aida’s work is done by committee volunteers and Aida officers. The disciplinary committee, education committee, and technical committee are among the committees. Volunteering to serve on a committee is recommended for all members.

Sea to Sky

In 1988, the film “Big Blue” sparked a worldwide interest in freediving, with numerous record attempts taking place all around the world. These record attempts were not arranged according to a set of regulations or a set of safety recommendations. Freedivers wanted to be heard and recognized in the early 1990s. Freedivers were eager to meet one another. Freedivers wanted to pass on their knowledge and enthusiasm. Freedivers wanted to share their safety systems with people who lacked them. The goal of freedivers was to promote the sport and gain acceptance from national diving federations. We wanted to build a strong community and construct a set of rules and norms for competitions and record-keeping that were both reliable and safe.

As a result, AIDA was founded in 1992.

Liquid Diving

Learn more at: https://www.aidainternational.org/



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