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Dan’s Dive Shop Presents Dive Trips to the “Tiller”

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Dan’s Dive Shop’s favorite Lake Ontario shipwreck is the Tiller Wreck. This is a gorgeous and delicate wooden schooner that is 100 feet long by 25 feet broad. The ship is in excellent condition, with two beautiful masts, a lovely rudder, cargo holds, a lovely bow, windlass, anchor, and stove.

Divers must have Advanced Certification with cold water diving experience, required for this dive. It is recommended that you wear a drysuit. The maximum depth is 113 feet.

Sea to Sky

The Tiller name comes from the tiller that steered the ship, rather than the wheel that was introduced around 1850. It was once considered to be the Henry Clay, but it has subsequently been firmly identified elsewhere. Schooners were once a regular sight in the Great Lakes, though it’s difficult to imagine anymore. Tiller’s career began as an ordinary merchant ship, however, shortly prior to the War of 1812, they were modified into warships and rushed into service with the American Navy.

Interested in diving the Tiller with Dan’s Dive Shop?

Liquid Diving

Learn more at: https://dansdiveshop.ca/event/tiller-wreck-dive-charter/



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