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TEDxKIITUniversity 2021: Sharks by Cristina Zenato

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Cristina Zenato
Photo via LinkedIn

Cristina Zenato is taking yet another plunge into the oceans when she comes across the masterpiece of nature-sharks, who are thriving thanks to her 23 years of shark diving experience, which has seen her remove over 300 hooks from sharks’ mouths. Her obsession with sharks and her efforts to protect them have earned her praise from all walks of life, and she has been featured on the BBC, CNN, and NPR. Her organization, ‘The People of the Water,” is working to preserve sharks while also raising concerns about the oceans.

About Cristina Zenato

Cristina is an ocean and cave explorer, a shark specialist, a speaker, editor, and conservationist who has been a skilled diver since 1994. Cristina holds PADI Course Director, NSS-CDS Advanced Cave Diving Instructor, and TDI mixed gas instructor certifications, and she specializes in Shark Handling courses and immersive dives.

Sea to Sky


Sunday, April 4, 2021

Register to catch Christina live at TEDxKIITUniversity 2021.



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