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Carbon Pricing Fight Heads to the Supreme Court of Canada

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The Supreme Court of Canada will hand down one of the most significant climate-related rulings in our nation’s history when it decides the fate of the Greenhouse Gas Pollution Pricing Act — and climate action in Canada.

The central issue at play in this case is whether the federal government has the authority to implement measures (such as a price on carbon) to fight the climate emergency if and when the provinces fail to come to the table with effective measures of their own. Climate change is a national emergency. It’s going to require all levels of government to implement a comprehensive plan, including legislated emission targets and putting a price on carbon pollution, for Canada to reach its 2030 emissions reduction goal.

This legal battle has been fiercely contested in multiple courts for nearly three years. This issue wound its way through lower courts in Saskatchewan, Ontario, and Alberta before finally being heard by Canada’s highest court last fall. And as Canada’s largest environmental law charity, the Ecojustice team has — thanks to your support — been there every step of the way. To say that we are on the edge of our seats awaiting the outcome is an understatement.

Whether you are newer to the Ecojustice community or have been following this case since day one, we have curated a few resources below to further brief you on what this case is about and why it’s so important.

The Scuba News Canada will follow up after the decision has been made.

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