Wreck’D Hunters Episode 2: Guardians of the Deep

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“Old crappy boat and state of the art underwater sonar”

Carl Beyer

Here is Episode 2 @ Wreck’D Divers

Carl Beyer and his dive partner Mike Hicks of St. Catherines, Ontario have put together several videos from their dive experiences and discoveries in the Niagara River. Their videos are called Wreck’D Divers and were filmed in the summer of 2020. This is their second video! Enjoy!

See The Scuba News Canada article on Carl’s First Dive Video

Dive Report

Depth on this was 32 feet. Visibility was around 8 feet. The water temperature was 75 degrees. This dive (video) was done in 3 parts, where we dove into the 3 anomalies which turned out to be objects of the first 3 videos. This particular dive was about 20 minutes long”.

Carl Beyer

The Scuba News Canada will be featuring more of Carl’s videos, scuba diving on the Niargara River in the future. Stay tuned!

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